Romania vignette

Electronic vignettes for Romania:

Vehicle type:Passenger car up to 3.5t

Vehicle type:Delivery up to 3.5 tons

Vehicle type:Motorhome up to 3.5t

Vehicle type:Truck 3.5 ≥ 7.5t

Vehicle type:Truck 3.5 ≥ 12t

Vehicle type:Truck 3.5 ≤ 12t

Vehicle type:Truck ≥ 12t ≤ 3 axes

Vehicle type:Truck ≥ 12t ≥ 4 axes

Vehicle type:Bus 9-23 people

Vehicle type:Bus > 23 people

Why do I need a digital vignette for Romania?
All vehicles traveling on Romanian national roads must have an electronic vignette. Only motorcycles are exempt from this requirement. Motorhomes are taxed like passenger cars, regardless of their gross weight. They always fall under category A! In the case of trailers, a distinction must be made between passenger cars and commercial vehicles: If your vehicle is a passenger car (vehicle class A), you must purchase a vignette for your vehicle's license plate, but you do not need to take any additional steps when traveling with a trailer. If your vehicle is a commercial vehicle (vehicle class B-F), you must purchase a vignette for your vehicle's license plate, taking into account the total permissible weight of the vehicle and trailer. To determine the vehicle category, the total permissible weight of the commercial vehicle and trailer is added up. There are a total of eight vehicle categories (categories A-H). We will explain exactly which category you should select in the ordering process.

Vignette obligation in Romania
In order to cover the costs of maintaining motorways and expressways in Romania, it is mandatory to have a Romanian vignette. Since 2007, the vignette in Romania has been available digitally, i.e. it is an electronic Romanian vignette, there are no longer self-adhesive Romanian vignettes.
The Romanian electronic vignette is a mandatory document for national roads in Romania, which must be purchased and registered on the license plates of passenger cars, campers and trucks.
You can obtain a digital vignette from us in all available validity periods. You can buy an e-vignette for Romania as a 7-day, 30-day, 90-day or 12-month vignette. A 1-day Romanian vignette is also available for commercial vehicles with a total weight above 3.5 tons and for passenger cars with at least 9 seats. The ordering process is simple and intuitive, so you can easily register the appropriate electronic vignette for Romania for your license plate online.
What are the different vignettes in Romania?
The digital vignette in Romania distinguishes between different vehicle types and validity periods. In the case of a passenger car, the number of seats is decisive. For commercial vehicles, the permissible total weight and the number of axles are decisive. In terms of price, there are 8 different classes of vehicles in Romania
Vehicle classes in Romania
* Category A: Passenger cars and campers regardless of GVW
* Category B: Commercial vehicles up to 3.5t GVW
* Category C: Commercial vehicles over 3.5t up to 7.5t GVW
* Category D: Commercial vehicles (2 axles) over 7.5t up to 12t GVW
* Category E: Commercial vehicles (2-3 axles) from 12t GVW
* Category F: Commercial vehicles (4 axles and more) from 12t GVW
* Category G: Passenger cars with 9 to 23 seats (including driver's seat)
* Category H: Passenger cars with more than 23 seats

What digital vignette for motorcycles in Romania?
Motorcycles are exempt from the obligation to have a vignette in Romania.

What digital vignette for cars in Romania?
For a passenger car, you can purchase a 7-day Romanian digital vignette, a 1-month vignette, a 3-month vignette or an annual vignette.

What digital vignette for passenger cars in Romania?
You can purchase a digital vignette for Romania for 7 days, a digital vignette for 1 month, a digital vignette for Romania for 3 months or a digital vignette for Romania for 1 year for your camper.

What digital vignette for trucks in Romania?
For commercial vehicles with a total weight of up to 3.5 tons, you can purchase a 7-day digital vignette for Romania, a 1-month vignette for Romania, a 3-month vignette for Romania or a 1-year vignette for Romania. A 1-day Romanian vignette is also available for commercial vehicles over 3.5 tons

Digital vignette for Romania
You can buy a digital vignette for Romania easily and conveniently from home or while traveling via your mobile phone or smartphone. Buyers save themselves the hassle of sticking and removing the Romanian vignette after the trip
Big advantage: When purchasing in our online store, the Romanian digital vignette is valid without long waiting times. In addition, our customer service is available 24/7 for questions regarding the digital vignette in Rununia
When do I need a digital vignette in Romania?
Whether you need a digital vignette in Romania depends on what roads you drive on during your trip. On Romanian national roads, a Romanian vignette is usually obligatory.
How much does a Romania digital vignette cost?
The price of a digital vignette in Romania always depends on how long you want to use national roads in Romania.
In addition to the validity period, the number of seats in your car is important. In the case of commercial vehicles, the total weight and the number of axles are the factors that determine the price of the digital vignette.

When should I buy a digital vignette for Romania?
Since when purchasing on our website you do not have to take into account a longer waiting period for the validity of the digital vignette for Romania, you can purchase it before you start your trip in a relatively short time. However, it is important that you do not set off until you receive confirmation of your registration from us. Without proof of registration, entering Romanian roads may result in a penalty.

Is the digital vignette for Romania tax-free?
No, taxes are levied on the price of the digital vignette. The tax is already included in our vignette prices for Romania.

What digital vignette do I need from Germany to Romania?
On the route from Germany to Romania, depending on the length of stay, a 7-day vignette, a 30-day vignette, a 90-day vignette or an annual vignette are required. Depending on your starting point, you may also need a vignette for Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary or Slovakia. You will find the country-specific vignette websites at the top of the page in the drop-down menu.
Since you can drive on most national roads in Romania with impunity only with a valid vignette, this also applies to trips to famous cities such as Bucharest, Timisoara, Brasov, Cluj-Napoca or Iasi.

Area of validity
Is the digital vignette valid throughout Romania?
Yes. The digital vignette is valid throughout Romania and on all national roads in Romania. For travelers wishing to cross the Danube, additional charges apply for using certain bridges or for traveling by ferry.

Is the digital vignette linked to my registration number?
Yes, the digital vignette is registered on a given license plate and associated with it.

When is my digital vignette valid?
Your digital vignette is valid once you receive confirmation of registration, usually within a few minutes. It will then be recognized and accepted by the digital control devices. We send confirmation by e-mail and, upon request, by SMS

How long is the digital vignette valid in Romania?
The digital vignette in Romania is valid for the period in which the reservation was made. Thus, a 7-day Romanian vignette is valid for a total of 7 days, a 30-day Romanian vignette for 30 days, a 90-day Romanian vignette for 90 days, and an annual Romanian vignette for 1 year until the day preceding the next year.

Penalties & Consequences in Romania
If you drive on motorways and expressways in Romania without a valid vignette in accordance with the vignette obligation, you must expect a fine.
The fine is currently at least €80. The amount of the fine may vary from case to case, depending on various factors such as the type of vehicle and the duration of the violation.
Stationary cameras are used to check the validity of the digital vignette.